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A checklist to create a brand to go to market with

An excellent marketing strategy overview article on the Marketing Insider Group blog lists 19 B2B Marketing Strategies That Are Still Important for 2019. I’m sure they won’t mind me listing them here, as each one is described in more depth in the original article. They are:

  1. Have a Formal Marketing Plan
  2. Partner with a Marketing Agency
  3. Use Retainer vs Project Contracts
  4. Spend 10% of Revenue on Marketing
  5. Consider Account-Based Marketing
  6. Ride the Rise of Mobile
  7. Embrace Automation and Martech
  8. Create Visual Content
  9. Harness the Power of Big Data
  10. Create More Relevant Content
  11. Go Multichannel
  12. Develop Strategic Marketing Objectives
  13. Identify a Senior Marketing Advocate
  14. Develop and Invest in Marketing ROI Metrics
  15. Build Relationships with IT and Finance
  16. Create Content that Addresses Your Customer Journey
  17. Create a Brand Identity
  18. Align and Build Ongoing Partnerships with Sales
  19. Acquire Digital Marketing and Technology Competencies

The article defines strategy in this instance as: “the actual way or ‘strategy’ by which your company will create a brand to go to market with”. If you were developing a marketing strategy checklist for colleagues, you could do a lot worse than use this as your starting point. Have a read.