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We need to care for all linked pages in emails

Do you send out emails to customers and prospects? Do you check that the links in these emails go to pages which look good on all devices?

Of course you do.

But read the last item again. I’m not just talking about the landing page which the email is all about – the big link in the body of your email. Have you checked the links in the header and footer too? If you’re using standard templates, or an automated system, these may have been put in place a long time ago.

I’ve recently been unsubscribing from a few mailing lists, and it’s surprising how many ‘unsubscribe’ links in emails took me to pages which look like they haven’t been updated in 20 years. It’s not just ‘unsubscribe’; it’s other boilerplate links in emails such as “Read this email on the web”, “About the company” and others.

Have a look at yours, especially on a mobile device, click through to the boilerplate links and ensure any standard landing pages or forms are updated to be as good as your main offer pages.

When you’re finished, have a read of this amusing explanation of why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’.