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How-To Videos: easy to justify

A reader contacted me recently to ask if I knew about “LinkedIn Learning“, a wide ranging series of online training courses that was being promoted to him heavily on the LinkedIn website. He was wondering if this was a service to which he could add his own company’s training videos. The answer appears to be not, as LinkedIn Training is largely a rebranding of the long-established open online course website. This was a pioneer of both online video education and charging people to use it, from the days when neither were fashionable. It’s a professional, curated service, and in comparison to paying hundreds of pounds a day for classroom-based learning, it seems to me to be as good value than ever.

There is of course a place where you can post your own training videos, and that’s YouTube. As I’ve mentioned many times before, a how-to video is one of the most cost-effective pieces of content any company can produce. It can be angled at showing potential users how something works, or ensuring existing users know how to operate or maintain products properly. The video can explain a procedure either with the intention of showing people how to do it themselves, or demonstrating that getting someone else to do it might be a good investment. Whatever the case, its very existence shows your business to be proactive and human, both very appealing characteristics. And it’s great content for helping you get found online.

Here’s one I helped make several years ago. It took about 3 hours to plan, shoot, edit and publish, so work out how much of an investment that would be for you. There was no commentary, or need to persuade anyone to ‘face the camera’. You may have to trust me on this, but it was never likely to get as many views as Despacito. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that whether its 2,000+ views over the years have been helping existing customers or helpfully demonstrating a process to prospective ones, it must have proved a hugely worthwhile exercise.