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As much quality on your website as you can EAT

Did you know that Google actually has thousands of people called ‘Search Quality Raters’ who analyse its results, looking at the quality of the pages returned? Don’t worry, they’re not going to be giving your website a direct assessment that’ll affect its ranking, but instead, what they find gets fed back into the algorithms so that their findings may be applied to all pages which appear to be a similar standard. The guidelines issued to their raters are published here, and they do give an idea of what the search engine is looking for.

At the heart of the guidelines is the idea of ‘E-A-T’, which stands for expertise, authority and trust. These are what we all need to demonstrate. For expertise, we need to show the credibility of the company and the author: things like case studies, a client list, and company history are helpful, as are biographies of management and in-house experts. For authority, think testimonials and case studies, as well as links from major websites. And for trust, ensure your contact details are easily accessible throughout the site and that you have a verified Google My Business listing.

As usual, Google is only trying to quantify and specify what prospects probably look for without thinking.