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A couple of quick tips to speed up your site

Yesterday I mentioned the useful exercise of comparing your website’s page speed with that of competitors who are ranking highly in the search results. But what can you do if your score leaves something to be desired? Here are a couple of quick tips.

Firstly, get rid of that carousel slideshow if you’ve got one. You’re loading a whole bunch of large images just to show one of them, to many visitors. If you really must have some sort of animated display, perhaps to keep all the company’s divisions happy, see if you could have just one image (optimally compressed of course), and scroll text over the top of it. That should cut down significantly on the data needing to be delivered.

Secondly, have an audit of all the tracking code and scripts on your page. Many sites have loads of legacy code from services they no longer use, or scripts they really don’t need. You may be surprised.