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Why is audio transcription so underused?

I’m not quite sure why online audio transcription hasn’t become a bigger thing over the past few years. There are so many corporate presentations being made every day which could become a really useful asset to their attendees or even to the wider world, yet the majority just disappear into history. It’s true that an increasing number are being recorded on video, but that’s often not as useful for subsequent review as a written record. Sales and technical presentations make fantastic website copy, and their content can really score with the search engines.

Perhaps audio transcription has been perceived as being more expensive than it is, but it’s an easy thing to outsource to someone prepared to do it cheaply. Sites like Fiverr have offered this for years, but a few places are trying to make it really easy and affordable. One such outfit is Rev, a US-based operation that simply charges $1 per minute, making transcriptions of even the longest presentations very cheap.

If you’ve got an audio transcription service you’d like to recommend, please do so in the comments. For everyone else, are you getting as much ‘typed up’ as you could?

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