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Targeting your advertising at the customer’s location

One of the things search advertising is best at is targeting geographic areas. Whether you want to show an advert in Brazil, Bavaria, Bangkok or Bourton-on-the-Water, it can be set up and running in a few hours. Many sales and marketing people don’t realise this. Only the other day a client told us about their German office and asked us if it was possible to run Google ads in Germany. Of course it is! You won’t be able to show me a better way of advertising to a defined area, other than putting posters up on every street.

The key to successful regional advertising is thinking through the full customer experience. Why are you advertising in that area? Has the combination of advert, landing page and fulfilment been designed for prospective customers in that area?

Language is the most obvious example. I’m convinced that a cost-effective campaign needs the whole customer experience to be seamless, and that means being in one language. There are plenty of people in France who might buy from you even if you’re based in the UK. But if you run your adverts in French, then dump the responders on an English-language website, you’re wasting most of your money. Either run the adverts in English, so they know what they’re letting themselves in for, or have a French language website.

Similarly, if you’ve got an office in the USA, and you know that’s a plus point for prospects, send them to a landing page that makes it very clear you’ve got an office there. Indeed, also have specific advert variants just to be shown in the town or state where the office is, highlighting that you’re genuinely local.

Search advertising is fantastic at tailoring the sales message and enquiry experience to the location of the prospect. Put yourself in the position of that prospect when designing the campaign and don’t waste that opportunity.