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Quickly smartening up your email signature

If you need a professional-looking email signature block created, the good folks at Hubspot have created a free online tool to do just that. The Hubspot Email Signature Generator does what it says, and will be useful just for one-off email signatures (I used it for a community organisation I run) or if you wanted an easy way to create a consistent email signature block to use across a small company.

Hubspot has also written a guide to effective email signatures, which includes these tips that I like:

  1. Keep colors simple and consistent.
  2. Include a call-to-action (and update it regularly).
  3. Include clickable icons linking to your social profiles.
  4. Make links trackable.
  5. Use space dividers.
  6. Make your design mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget that for businesses, there are other requirements, such as including your company’s full name, registration number, place of registration and registered office address. A VAT number can be helpful too. You may have to add these in small print underneath as a separate exercise.