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Leaving the gate half-open

“Gated” assets are offers on your website that require contact details in return for them. Whether or not you should hide them in this way is a debate that’s been going on for 25 years, and marketing folk are often stridently for or against the concept. Those manning the barriers say that without getting the contact details of those interested in the offer, what’s the point? Those who disagree say that making the content freely available gets it to so many more people that the small proportion of readers who subsequently reveal themselves because they want to know more is a much more valuable outcome. When you ‘gate’ content, you hide it from the search engines, and can any of us afford to do that?

Being a Centrist Dad, I always like to think there’s a compromise, and in this case, maybe there is. The question to ask yourself is: can you split the offer into two parts? One can be thrown open to the world, freely found and freely used. The other is only available on request. Naturally, the first part is text-heavy (to get lots of nice search engine traction) but primes the readers to want the second part, which requires them to reveal their contact details.

Could this approach be the best of both worlds?