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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2019

Response codes from 200 to 404, via 301 and 302

The codes ‘301’ and ‘302’ tell browsers that the URL requested is understood, but the server is going to send them somewhere else instead.

When is the best time of day for your search advertising?

It’s not unusual to discover that the best time of day for your advertising is not when you’d expect it to be.

Breaking free of email slavery

Your customers do not expect an instant reply from you, so don’t use that as an excuse for checking emails every five minutes.

Why WordPress is the first choice for most websites

WordPress is free, and there are so many people who know how to maintain it that your installation will be pretty well future-proof.

Get a reminder to renew your SSL Certificate

Don’t just take a look now, feel happy that renewal isn’t for another year, and promptly forget the issue. Make sure you’ll get a reminder.

How much should we spend on search advertising?

PPC search advertising is great value for money, but it’s important to be realistic about how thinly you may be spreading things.

The case for automated bidding in PPC advertising

Like driving a car with an automatic gearbox, automated bidding has been seen by professionals as somehow beneath them.

Targeting your advertising at the customer’s location

Search advertising is fantastic at tailoring the sales message and enquiry experience to the location of the prospect.

Respect Wikipedia to make the most of it

Wikipedia is not some opportunity to be exploited in a dubious way. It’s a terrific source of quality traffic. Just treat it with respect.

Don’t be lazy. Put the message up front.

If you have just one sentence to summarise the message the page is trying to convey, is it what’s in the headline?

Consider what people see when they don’t click in Google

Figures from the USA (and I’ve no reason to think things are different here) suggest just under half of all searches don’t result in a click.

Articles need depth, not length

Whether the length of an article is 200 words or 2000 isn’t nearly as important as answering the question in depth.

Leaving the gate half-open

When you ‘gate’ content, you hide it from the search engines, and can any of us afford to do that? I think there’s a compromise.

Why is audio transcription so underused?

There are so many corporate presentations being made every day which just disappear into history. It’s a big waste.

Quickly smartening up your email signature

If you need a professional-looking email signature block created, the folks at Hubspot have created a free online tool to do just that.

Giving your articles some structure

The novelists’ traditional ‘three-act structure’ is an easy approach that can be as applicable to a technical article as it can to a novel.

Being on top of your inbound links

What links are helping you with specific product searches, and what ones are just telling the search engines what they already know?

First impression, first opportunity

The very first email you send someone by request is more likely to be read than any other, so don’t waste the opportunity to offer something!

Keep writing

Make your website an increasingly useful repository of information in your area of technology, and the results will follow.

What does your LinkedIn page say about your company?

There are so many ways in which prospects might pass by your LinkedIn page during any deliberations – it’s a really important asset.

Don’t forget to jazz up your social media posts

Please don’t make the mistake on social media that so many companies do, of just pasting in the headline as the message.

Inspiration for your next image advert

A fun resource which could give you some competitor intelligence or provide inspiration for your next image advert.