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Being on top of your inbound links

Just about all links from decent web sites are worth having. But the very best ones have great “anchor text” – the actual words that link to your website. That makes sense, of course, as even the simplest search engine could see that a link from the words ‘blue widgets’ suggests that the page or site being linked to is relevant to blue widgets. So what have you got out there? What links are helping you with specific product searches, and what ones are just telling the search engines what they already know: your company name? There are plenty of resources online such as this which will show you a selection of your incoming links, what type of link they are and what the anchor text is. Perhaps you might know some of the websites and be able to ask them for something a little bit more helpful. Perhaps you might just get some ideas of where you’re doing well (and where you’re not). It’s definitely worth being on top of your inbound links though. Try Google Search Console if you want to explore some more.