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What’s the purpose of the page?

Every time someone from Google answers questions about SEO, their answers are pored over for potential new information, however basic the questions. This recent chat (a 10-minute video) was no exception. The trick in these things, however, is to ignore the odd items which were probably dropped into the conversation merely by way of illustration, and the themes which were mentioned deliberately.

In this case, a few people picked up on a mention by the Google representative of description meta tags, something which most SEO experts don’t consider to be at all important nowadays for getting strong search results positions. I suspect that this was not highlighted intentionally, and we shouldn’t be too excited by it.

What’s perhaps more interesting, as identified here, is a mention of the purpose of a site or page. Not losing sight of that when creating content could be a key element in making a site attractive to search engines. In other words, your page may be ‘about’ blue widgets, but what’s the purpose of the page? Is it to sell a blue widget? Is it to answer a question? Is it to offer a datasheet? Does the title and content reflect this? Step back and have a think about that.