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June’s Google update more significant than usual

Google constantly makes tweaks to its algorithms, but it made a particularly big one in the middle of June, so it might be worth seeing if your traffic has been affected in the past week or so. You may see a sudden change in traffic for certain search terms (or across the board), which might require revisiting and improving what you’ve put in place previously. If your core “on-page SEO” is as good as you can make it, a steady link-building campaign may be your best strategy. Google’s algorithms and their interaction are understood by few people – possibly nobody – so there’s not much any of us can do except to focus on the accepted best practices.

Check this month’s traffic from Google in your visitor analytics application now, and do some research in Google Search Console. For a quick check, I like to look in the performance section at the last 28 days, checking “Total impressions” and “Average Position”.