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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2019

Tips on writing good title tags

How long should the title tag be? The consensus among SEO experts though is that 50 to 60 characters is just fine.

Why you need online display adverts in the mix

Our favourite uses of image adverts are branding and the closely related promotion of case studies, placed through Google’s Display Network.

Three genuinely useful guides to business marketing

Here are some nice freebies for you: my former colleague Andrew Leon Walker has written three genuinely useful guides to business marketing.

Tips for promoting a customer event

Having committed to a customer event, what are some of the ways in which we can maximise the number of people who turn up?

If you’re not advertising, you’re not in the game

What does Google understand the intent to be, in the face of a search for ‘blue widgets’? It tries to cover as many bases as possible.

Learning from the best favicons

Take a look at any search results on a mobile device and you’ll see that some sites’ favicons look much better than others.

When to add Bing Ads

However easy Bing makes it to replicate Google Ads campaigns, there’s an administrative overhead in running ads on more than one site.

Getting new pages into Google quickly

With search advertising, we can get coverage in Google from launch. But how do we get in the natural, free results as quickly as possible?

How to advertise to vertical market sectors

Don’t worry about segmentation at the advertising stage, but let the prospects point to their industry once they’ve got to the site.

Why writing really good title tags for our web pages is essential

An easy trap to fall into is to just let a content management system take the page headline and dump it into the title tag field

What’s the purpose of the page?

Your page may be ‘about’ blue widgets, but what’s the purpose of the page? Is it to sell or inform? Does the title and content reflect this?

Special characters in description meta data tags

I’m sure that from time to time you’ve noticed Google results featuring odd characters such as ticks, stars and even smiley faces.

An excellent guide to website form design

Examine the forms on your website on different devices, and ask yourself if they’re easy to complete. If not, have a read of this article.

How to give your sales document a lift

One of my favourite endings, which works brilliantly with a call-to-action, is ending with a question …which is solved by the action.

Breaking up articles into bite-sized pieces

If you can do it, long articles on your website should be broken up, at least ensuring you have a sub-heading every two to three paragraphs.

June’s Google update more significant than usual

Check this month’s traffic from Google in your visitor analytics application now, and do some research in Google Search Console.

Google reduces duplicate site listings

It’s been possible for a single site to grab three or four of the spots in the search results. This should not occur as often in future.

Point your customers to leave a review

A Google Business listing means prompting satisfied customers to add their review, and to do that you need to give them a link to follow.

The need to cover every ranking factor in search

We need to cover every ranking factor if we’re going to score well. Fail on one factor and it could make everything else irrelevant.

Three minutes spent very usefully

SEO Analyzer will spend three minutes getting data from your website and presenting you with an action plan.