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How to give your sales document a lift

Making sure there’s a good call-to-action in any sales and marketing content is a given. However, the call-to-action is unlikely to be the most exciting thing on the page, and good copywriters try to give any piece a lift at the end, regardless of any call-to-action.

Entire chapters of books have been written on the subject, and techniques include finishing with reminders, analogies, twists or even quotes. However, one of my favourite endings, which works brilliantly with a call-to-action, is ending with a question …which is solved by the action.

So, for example, instead of this piece just fading away, I could end it by posing a question, which may have been building up over the course of the piece, and then the call-to-action.

Do you think your copywriting could benefit from knowing more about how to end a sales document?

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