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Breaking up articles into bite-sized pieces

Long-form content is great for ranking well in the search engines. However, it has one problem: engaging readers. You can drag as many people as you want to a brilliant 3000-word “how to” article, but if their instant response is that there must be an easier way to find out, they’ll leave and look for that instead.

The key is a quick enhancement to the presentation. If you have the facility to do so, articles on your website should be broken up into sections with different backgrounds, presented as panels or in different types of text. Anything to make it look like it’s a series of more manageable chunks. If your content management system is more limited, at least ensure you have a sub-heading every two to three paragraphs. I did this with yesterday’s article, as (unusually) it reached 500 words. Make these sub-headings intriguing and they can really add to the article’s appeal.