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Not everyone’s one of the good guys

Marketing services that can afford an expensive, proactive telesales setup usually make me feel uneasy. Who’s paying for this? Yet I’m sure you’re relentlessly barraged with calls from people offering SEO, website visitor company identification and the like. I was once told that services like this should normally expect a third of customers to try them out but leave after a few months – which seems reasonable – but if they ensure all customers are tied in for a long period, the extra revenue (grudgingly) created pays for the telesales operation on its own. Nice. So my advice is just to be careful if you’re approached with some hard sell for a service that you didn’t know you needed, or which you were doing quite nicely yourself. This hard-hitting piece about Yell, for example, written in February, was recently updated to included some comments from ex-employees about the organisation’s sales practices. Ouch.