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New ideas for searches to target in plain sight

If you’re looking for new searches to target, either with search advertising or just through content on your website, some of the best ideas are right in front of you on the Google results pages.

Search Google for something that’s very close to your heart. Click in the search box next to your term, and – boom – a drop-down appears with 8 more searches that (trust me) get made in interesting quantities. How are you tackling these?

Then scroll down the page. Is there a “People Also Ask” panel? These are questions people are asking Google. It says so. Does your website provide the answers? Could it?

Try clicking on any of those questions and following through to the search. Who’s covering it? Could you do better? Remember, people are asking these questions.

Finally, scroll to the very bottom of the page. You’ll find “Searches Related To…” (your search). Again, Google’s giving you massive clues as to what people are looking for. It doesn’t list those terms there randomly – there’s real data behind the selection.