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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2019

Six elements of on-page SEO

There are several elements in getting a page to rank as high as it can in search engine results, but the easiest is probably ‘on-page SEO’.

Last chance to get your .uk domain

If you own a domain, for the past 5 years you’ve been able to register the .uk version. Now the reservation period is coming to an end.

Is ‘Live Chat’ turning out to be a good thing?

Live Chat allows people to get in touch and receive a response instantly, without having to make a phone call.

Advert expectation management

If there are only 10 units a month being ordered in the whole country, there are only a certain number of enquiries to be had.

No.1 and 10 in Google aren’t what they used to be

One of my sites has been “number 1 in Google” for years, but the traffic from that stopped rising a while ago. Why is this?

Don’t be anxious about conversion rates: improve them

If a call-to-action asks for something in return, it’s probably personal data. More than ever, people are wary about handing this over.

How many alternative domain names do I need to hold?

If you have some already, and aren’t worried about the cost of renewing them, perhaps do so, but that’s probably all you need to do.

Why we’re giving ‘responsive search ads’ a miss

Google is unable to understand the requirements of professional businesses and those with few searches, and we don’t think it’s got better.

The Value Proposition: the reason people should buy your product

The Value Proposition is how your product will make someone’s life easier and why your product is better than the competition’s.

Videos: just get on with it

Some studies suggest that business videos should be about 2 minutes long, but the important thing is not to sacrifice quality for quantity.

DIY SEO in a few hours each week

Good external SEO consultants can be extremely valuable, but SEO is not something that can be done externally on a budget.

What should go in a call-to-action link?

You should think about all the ways in which your call-to-action exhortation might be misinterpreted.

Favicons catapulted to front and centre in Google

Google has a new look to mobile search results; the green URL line is being moved up and alongside it you’ll see the site’s ‘favicon’.

Are your Favicons a little unloved?

Most websites have Favicons, although they may have been set up years ago and might look a little stale and unloved.

Beyond Reach

The challenge is to find the pages on the search engines viewed by the most people who might want to buy our stuff.

Not everyone’s one of the good guys

Be careful if you get some hard sell for a service that you didn’t know you needed, or which you were doing quite nicely yourself.

New ideas for searches to target in plain sight

Google’s giving you clues as to what people are looking for. It doesn’t list those terms randomly – there’s real data behind the selection.

Useful tools to test the speed of your website

The Content Marketing Institute blog has put together a list of tools to troubleshoot slow websites, and I’d recommend making a note of it.

How many types of marketing are there?

The Hubspot blog has found no fewer than 40 different types of marketing that it claims are all around today.