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“Questions & Answers” – yet more stuff to monitor on Google

Google is putting new features on its “Google My Business” platform all the time, and we’d all do well to keep up with them. So the first thing we should all do, regularly, is to search for our company name on Google and see what the big panel on the right is showing. I hope yours is looking good, and has up-to-date information on it. I’ve previously mentioned adding posts, but another section which has appeared recently – and can be quite high maintenance – is “Questions & Answers”. I’m not suggesting that you’re likely to get large numbers of questions posed by prospects, but you do need to be quick in answering any. Not only does it look bad if you take weeks to answer, but anyone can answer, so you’ll want to be first to do so. Someone else might answer wrongly.

The best tips I can find for “Questions & Answers” are these:

  • Make sure you’re answering the questions signed in as the Google account which manages your Google My Business listing; it’s easy to do so from another account (e.g a personal one) without realising.
  • Check and double-check your replies. I’m not sure they can be subsequently edited.

Note that you can post questions yourself, but you’re not allowed to post phone numbers, email addresses, or URL links in your answers.