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Marketing ideas on the go

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for many years – even before they were known as such – but even I’ve been surprised at the extent to which they’ve taken off. They’re cheap to record and publish, it’s true, but the revenue model doesn’t exactly look irresistible. I do get, however, that many are made either to promote something, or as a labour of love. And as listeners, we can take advantage of that.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you start creating your own. Even major household brands aren’t significantly investing in that (yet). I do know, however, that many people like to listen to them for professional development, perhaps while commuting, and if you’re in the marketing sector, your choice of podcasts is wide. As is often the case, many are US-centric and even more are targeted at consumer marketing, but I’d be grateful for suggestions of marketing podcasts from the UK which acknowledge the B2B sector.

One that I think you may want to try is the Marketing Scoop podcast, hosted by David Bain and my old friend Judith Lewis. It covers similar topics to this blog, and the presenters are extremely knowledgeable. There’s also a long list to dip into here. Enjoy.

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  1. Hubspot have a range of podcasts which are good. One in particular which explains SEO from the start that might be relevant for your audience is this: They produce lots of different series though.

    I listen to a load which are probably less relevant for the average marketer in our industry since they are SAAS software products predominantly but in my opinion are leading the way in how to ‘do’ marketing.

    Everybody Hates Marketers

    Inside Intercom

    Call to Action

    The Growth hub

    The Humans Strike Back

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