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Let’s hear it for low quality photography

The idea of this just made me smile. I’m not really advocating getting out a 110 camera* to take all your website images. But unless you’re a major company where super-expensive studio photography is mandatory for everything, there’s a danger in making yourself look artificial. I suspect your customers want to see something ‘real’, and that means products in situ, people at their desks and your office or factory as it actually is.

Slightly embarrassed about the staff shots on your ‘About Us’ page? You really shouldn’t be. If they look like real people who you’d be happy to visualise on the other end of the telephone, that’s the reassurance to customers which the photos are there for. This sort of thing is expected from a consultancy organisation, but it just makes me think that as a customer, I’m going to be paying for those expensive suits. It doesn’t look nearly as welcoming to me as this or this or this. Application shots that look a bit untidy? So does the real world. If the customer whose installation in the photo doesn’t mind seeing a few bits of junk lying around, nor should you.

*Google it, kids.