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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2019

The hed, the dek, the lede and the nut graf

Every profession has its own idiosyncratic terminology, and an understanding of some traditional terms from journalism can help everyone’s writing.

Google’s Disavow Tool: only use when necessary

It’s really unlikely that you’ll need to use the Disavow Tool. Indeed, it can be dangerous, because you don’t know what a ‘bad link’ is.

Creating content to match the customer’s buying journey

There’s some evidence to suggest that in its search results, Google is trying to mimic the journey that potential customers go through.

Mobile traffic: not as important for us …yet

I read a lot about mobile device visits being over 50% for many sites nowadays, but that’s not going to be the case for everybody.

Creating Google Analytics reports the way you like them

One of the biggest wastes in web marketing is the incredible data provided free by Google Analytics but never accessed by its owners.

What if Google’s sending people to your home page?

Sometimes, your site gets ranked highly in the Google results, but it’s the home page showing, not the page directly relevant to the search.

Quarterly reviews for your SEO

Quite a few jobs get neglected: potential problems if you don’t do them, but never quite important enough to get to the top of the to-do list.

Marketing ideas on the go

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for many years – even before they were known as such – but even I’ve been surprised how they’ve taken off.

Ways to spend less time on email

Whatever your own tips and tricks, just always resolve to spend less time on email next week than you did last week.

Four different types of blog content

You might classify material under a few headings. It’s good discipline to check that you’re covering all of these different types.

Fewer adjectives, more evidence

One thing that strikes me is my reluctance to accept that advertising isn’t so much about changing people’s perceptions any more.

Let’s hear it for low quality photography

Embarrassed about the staff shots on your ‘About Us’ page? You shouldn’t be. Application shots that look untidy? So does the real world.

"Questions & Answers" – yet more stuff to monitor on Google

I’m not suggesting that you’re likely to get large numbers of questions posed by prospects, but you do need to be quick in answering any.

Making the most of email preheaders

On mass emails sent through commercial software, we can specify what goes in the preheader separately. And we really should.

Links point the way for Google

If Google is showing your home page for related searches, the reason is probably because of the lack of clues you’ve provided.

How to make a technical presentation interesting

The technique of summarising the main ideas of your presentation in 3 minutes shows how to present information in a short and snappy way.

Speed is of the essence

Much of the web’s traffic comes via Google. If faster sites are promoted, those get more visits and overall ‘the web gets faster’.

Editing video in YouTube

There are editing capabilities in YouTube that enable the most basic (but critical) tasks to be accomplished.

The definitive guide to SEO

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO has been read over ten million times. Now it has been completely rewritten, and I recommend it unreservedly.