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Four different types of blog content

If your company has a blog section on its website, where you put all the non-product and company background articles, then the contents might be classified under a few headings. These include:

  • Company news
  • Case studies
  • Evergreen content
  • Time-sensitive content

It’s good discipline to check that you’re covering all of these different types of article. If you find any are being neglected, it might be a reminder to add something into that category. This is of course just background management: you wouldn’t want to present material under these headings. Indeed, a good tip is to ensure that important material is presented first, rather than articles being in date order, which most systems default to. Company news might be important to the two people who just received long service awards, but it’s the informative articles for prospects which will help ensure the company is around long enough for others to get awards too.

‘Evergreen content’ is the general heading for any background articles that should be of interest for the foreseeable future, perhaps even building increasing audiences as time goes by. This is the reference stuff which answers the questions people put to search engines. ‘Time sensitive’ content is more newsworthy but probably destined for a shorter lifespan: your company’s reaction to industry trends, for example. Make sure you have a schedule, even if it’s only annually, for revisiting ‘evergreen content’, and updating it if necessary. Don’t forget you can publicise its existence, through social media or email, repeatedly.