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More reflections on ‘authority pages’

You may recall me mentioning the need for some substantial content on a page if it’s to rank solidly in the search engines for a specific search term – an ‘authority page’, as it were. But you needn’t just take my word for it. Reader Mark Arrowsmith has been in touch to say that he did just this on his Decorative Mirrors Online website. He’d seen that there were a decent number of searches for ‘kitchen mirrors’ and that his site didn’t rank anywhere worthwhile for the term. As it was a very relevant subject which he knew quite a bit about, Mark created a page “in five minutes” (he doesn’t hang around). It had a question and answer, some helpful information, plenty of relevant linked items and with all that, ticked a lot of boxes.

Two months later and Mark’s page was the top Google search result for ‘kitchen mirrors’. His page hasn’t got the 1500 or more words which are commonly associated with top results for competitive terms, but as the best football managers always say, you only have to beat the opposition in front of you.

If anyone else has had similar successes (or failures) at creating a page targeting a specific search term, I’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, what else can I say, except get your next kitchen mirror on the Decorative Mirrors Online website!