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Identifying the perfect search

I often mention using keyword research tools, including Google Search Console, to find out the search terms in your market which have the greatest volume. The data doesn’t lie; but if you’re not careful, it can mislead. That’s because the most important thing in search is intent – and that needs a bit of good old intuition.

Supposing you sell blue widgets. Your hunch might be that the most searched-for term relating to what you sell is simply ‘blue widgets’. And the data will almost certainly back that up. However, who are the people typing ‘blue widgets’ into Google? Some of them might be prospective customers, of course. But there are many other reasons people might make that search, most notably to find out what a blue widget is. It’ll probably also be incredibly competitive and expensive to dominate the search results for the term.

Scan down the list of search terms and you might find only a tenth as many people search for ‘blue widget suppliers uk’. Maybe only a hundredth search for ‘where can I buy a blue widget in (your town)’. But oh, the potential quality of that visit if you can get it!

So have a think about what someone who would almost certainly make a sales enquiry from you today could be typing into Google. And even if there might only be one or two such searches made every week, make sure you’re prioritising a prominent appearance for that exact search, whether in the ‘natural’ results, with an advert, or (even better) both.