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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2019

Here’s the index of everything we published in February…

How many pages are there on your website?

Are you presenting them all to search engines? Are you hiding any from visitors? It’s worth auditing what you’ve got, and what’s accessible.

How badly targeted is your online advertising?

There are so many targeting settings in Google Ads, you probably need to be a full-time professional to keep on top of them all.

How does your website compare in search?

A client asked us for advice in creating a report on how their company website compared to competitors in terms of search engine performance.

Don’t neglect Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing may only send a small fraction of the number of visitors to your site that Google does, but that’s still worth spending time on.

Capitalising on losing a competitor

Your sales team will naturally be all over any known clients of theirs, but what about online marketing? What can you do?

The problem with most blogs

If you’ve spent 3 hours writing an article, and discover later that only 25 people saw it, that can be dispiriting. Do something about it.

Case studies in the world of search

Few potential customers ever read case studies. They’re usually hidden away down at the bottom of a website’s number-of-page-views report.

When and where should you link out from your site?

Chris Rand explains why linking out may have an SEO benefit, and is an easy thing to do, completely within your control.

An internet security checklist

How a lecture made me all the more determined to at least make things difficult for the organisations recording everything I do online.

Do you need dedicated landing pages?

Here’s what I’d consider the ‘rules’ of a dedicated landing page for an advertising campaign. Do your product pages tick most of these boxes?

Is personalisation of Google results now history?

Google may have reined back on taking into account other things it knows about you, including your search history. Chris Rand reports.

This is where the ‘how to’ article comes in

It may not reach long-time users of the traditional alternative, but it’s superb at reaching first-time customers.

Will you be advertising on TV soon?

Who wouldn’t want an ad for blue widgets in the middle of News At Ten, knowing it would only be seen by people who’d visited their website?

‘Dynamic Email’: We don’t need no complication

Here’s something I doubt many of us will be able (or want) to use, but which is worth knowing about: AMP for email, or AMPHTML email.

Organising a properly defensive search advertising strategy

When you set up a search ads campaign for your own name, make sure it includes ‘exact’ searches for your name + each of your products.

Your customers know quite a lot already

Does your website copy treat your prospects with respect? Chris Rand reminds us that in professional sectors, they’re not all newbies.

How to get your company LinkedIn page working

This guide will show you how to elevate your LinkedIn page to being a dynamic marketing tool, rather than a static “About Us” page.

Is that a Google+ link I spy on your website?

Google has brought the previously announced closure of its little-loved service forward from later this year to April.

What would your customers miss if you weren’t here?

It’s all too common to forget why people buy our products or services in the first place. We often find this difficult to nail down.

Your site is not there for you

Here’s something to remember when you write a web page or design your next website: the site is there for your prospects and customers.