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Another generalisation trap for the unwary

Previously I talked about the need to talk about our red widgets and blue widgets, not our ‘range of widget solutions’. Nobody searches for widget solutions.

One of the areas where it’s really easy to drop into bad habits is when writing about market sectors. Supposing we sell red, blue and yellow widgets, and we’re creating a page to show how our products are just perfect for the automotive sector. If two or three of our widget types are suitable for that page, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of launching straight into a headline of “Widget Solutions for the Automotive Sector”. It sounds how marketing ought to sound, right?

Again, nobody looks for ‘widget solutions’. To be fair, painfully few people ever search for anything by application, which is why market sector-based pages on websites usually have tumbleweed blowing through them. But if you’re going to have such pages, even if it’s just to indicate the breadth of your industry mastery to someone skimming through a menu, then at least use them to get more mentions of your specific product types on your site.