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A simple sequence for a sales page

I’m a sucker for articles which give lots of examples of something, and so I couldn’t resist 12 High-Converting Landing Pages (That’ll Make You Wish You Built ‘Em) on the Unbounce blog. One thing that struck me from looking at the successful examples shown was the general formula of headline, then call-to-action, sales story, and call-to-action again. What’s going on with the repeated call-to-action?

I’m sure that very few people just read the headline and then respond. But that first call-to-action lays down a marker and gives them the idea of doing something. Once you’ve read this page, you can do something. At the end of the page, the call-to-action is repeated, so readers don’t have to scroll back up to the first one. That’s probably where most of them respond. If we fail to put the call-to-action in our readers’ minds at the start, they could well bail out before reaching the end …and never see it.