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A reminder and how to add a ‘Post’ on Google My Business

I hope that you’ve got a Google My Business account up and running, and that the information is all current. The information it provides to that large panel on the right in the Google search results on desktop is seen by an enormous number of people, even for small businesses. On mobile, it may well be the first thing people see now, completely dominating the old ‘natural’ search result. Try searching for your company name on mobile now, and try with your competitors’ names too.

What you may not be using on Google My Business to its full extent is the ability to add ‘posts’ and ‘offers’ to this panel. Here’s how.

Firstly, sign into your Google My Business account, which I hope you’ve set up on the same account as your other Google services such as Google Analytics. You’ll see ‘Posts’ on the left. This will give you the chance to create a post to promote either a product, a ‘what’s new’ announcement, an event or an offer.

The posts appear quite quickly after you create them (I just did a test and my post appeared after about 5 minutes). You may want to experiment with where the text gets cut off, what format photo works best (you can overlay text on the photo), etc. Check on mobile too – the posts appear under their own tab, so won’t get seen as much, but will still be noticed! The official Google tips for writing them are here but there’s a lot more online if you search for it.

The catch with Posts is that they expire after 7 days, although an archive can be shown in some some presentations. So you’ll need to work up a schedule to really make the most of this; maybe it can be a nice easy Monday morning task.