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1 magic tip for online content writers

The web is full of ’10 things you need to know when doing something’ articles, but few of us can remember 10 things while we concentrate on a task. So how about ‘1 thing’? That’s more like it. In particular, I was thinking: “Is there a single recommendation I’d make to people writing online marketing content?”

And there is. It’s ‘be specific’.

Online content is all about being found. And searches are specific. If someone wants a blue widget, they’ll search for ‘blue widgets’. If we want to be on the end of that search, we need to write about blue widgets. The mistake we make, however, is when we sell red, blue and yellow widgets and decide to generalise with our terminology.

If we sell red, blue and yellow widgets and want to be found, we need to say that we sell red, blue and yellow widgets. If we take the traditional marketing path of declaring that we sell ‘widget systems’, ‘a range of widgets’ or (worst of all) ‘widget solutions’, we will not be found. The companies doing well in the search results avoid this, whether intentionally or not.

So there’s my one tip: always, always describe things in full and never generalise. Nobody ever searches for generalisations.