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Your customers know quite a lot already

This is going to sound a bit daft, but does your website copy treat your prospects with respect? For most of us, typical customers will be pretty knowledgeable about what they design, build or use. They may not know as much about our products as we do, but they may even know more about the science or technology in general.

And yet… so many business to business websites do sound a bit, well, condescending. Sure, it’s important to help educate first-time buyers. But so much technical website copy just leads off on statements of what will be completely obvious to anyone considering buying the stuff. “Our widgets can be used in a wide range of applications”. You don’t say. As someone who’s been buying widgets for several years now, I’ve yet to find one that is limited to a specific use. It’s a widget!

It may be worth thinking about whether a lowest-common-denominator approach is as likely to put off experienced professionals as starting with assumptions about the customer’s knowledge might put off newbies.