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Will you be advertising on TV soon?

One way or another, I guess this was coming, but it could be sooner than we think. Most of us can get YouTube on our TV sets now (if it’s not built in, you can always stick a Chromecast dongle in the back). I’ve found myself watching more and more YouTube material on TV, sitting down to watch regular stuff in the same way as broadcast TV. It goes without saying that my teenage son takes the availability of this for granted.

This means that – when watching YouTube at least – I already see adverts on my TV which are targeted directly at me, via Google Ads. But now in the US, YouTube is expanding to be a full-scale TV service, as an alternative to cable TV. It carries the major networks, but is far less ‘linear’, offering viewers the chance to divert off to watch other stuff they might like, based on past activity. This is surely going to be the future – and with it will come the chance to put ultra-niche, targeted advertising on regular TV.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to put an ad for their blue widgets in the middle of News At Ten, knowing that it would only be seen by people who’d visited their website?

The prospects are extraordinary, and we may all be advertising on TV soon.