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What would your customers miss if you weren’t here?

What does your company do that’s better than anyone else? There must be something, even if it’s only a great combination of things. Even if you don’t have the best price or the best performance, you may have the best price/performance. But however you’re better than (or different to) the rest, have you actually identified that and written it down? Can you use that in all your marketing, from the tagline under your logo to the message that needs to appear in every advert?

Just as it’s far too easy for all of us to lose sight of what we’re personally good at, it’s all too common to forget why people buy our products or services in the first place. We often find this too difficult to nail down, and ignore it. Next time you have a marketing meeting, put a five-minute brainstorm on the agenda and remind yourselves what customers would miss if you weren’t here.