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Organising a properly defensive search advertising strategy

We usually recommend that businesses run a ‘defensive’ search advertising campaign against their own name, to prevent a competitor from doing so and appearing above them. This runs more broadly than just the company name though.

Take a look at your Google Search Console reports and you’ll see that there are many other searches where your company name appears. These will quite likely include the company name followed by a product, such as ‘bluewidgetco widgets’. Now re-create this search and you’ll probably see competitors appearing above your natural search result. These competitors are probably not targeting your company name, but all searches with the product in them (e.g. all searches with the term ‘widgets’ in them). The broad targeting just happens to include searches for your ‘bluewidgetco widgets’.

You don’t want this – it’s almost worse than when their ads appear above searches for your company name. So when you set up the search advertising campaign for your own name, make sure it includes ‘exact’ searches for your name + each of your products.