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Is that a Google+ link I spy on your website?

Do you still have a Google+ link on your website amongst that rarely-used string of social media symbols? Google has brought the previously announced closure of its little-loved service forward from later this year to April. At that point it’ll ‘begin deleting’ content, so in the unlikely event that you have important stuff in a Google+ account, it’s time to make a copy. If you do have that little G+ badge hanging around, time for a quick edit.

Google+ was never needed and failed to take off, despite desperate ideas such as its ‘+1’ voting making a difference in the Google rankings. You may even remember when people were forced to use Google+ as a way to get into other services like YouTube, Calendar and Gmail. Or what about ‘real-time search’, which prioritised Google+ posts in the results? Strongarming people into using a social media platform was never going to be a good idea. Few people will miss it.