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Do you need dedicated landing pages?

Many companies think it’s fine to just send prospects from advertising to a standard product page on their website – and maybe it is. But I think we can only really make that call if we’re aware of what a dedicated landing page would have on it, and are confident that our standard product pages tick enough of those boxes. So here’s what I’d consider the basic ‘rules’ of a dedicated landing page for an advertising campaign.

Minimal navigation: some experts reckon a good landing page should have no links except for the call-to-action button (e.g. “Request a sales call” or “Email us for more information”). Anything else is a distraction. Certainly, we shouldn’t have the normal clutter of site navigation.

Easier response: a product page normally directs people to some sort of general contact page, whereas with a dedicated landing page we don’t have to force the prospect to tell us what they’re interested in, and we can offer only the most appropriate response mechanisms for that product or service.

Clearer, sales-oriented text: with a landing page, we’re in the enquiry process from the outset. A normal product page has to also cope with existing users, journalists, internal staff and loads of other types of people. By necessity, it will be more formal and multi-faceted than a page aimed solely at converting prospects from ‘interested’ to ‘enquirer’.

Do your product pages tick most of these boxes? If not, maybe you should consider getting some landing pages set up.