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Yes, your site can show in Google results for YouTube videos

Yesterday I wrote that if you embed YouTube videos in your website, it’ll be the YouTube page, not your site, that appears in the Google results. This is not entirely correct, as a regular reader pointed out. My correspondent said that if you search for his company name in Google, the results include a list of videos, and at least some of these link to a page on the company website where they’re embedded, not to YouTube where they’re hosted.

My first thought was that perhaps this was because the site had a strongly video-themed page displaying a selection of its videos, and this ‘beat’ the YouTube page in the Google results. However, I’m more inclined to think it was simply because I was searching for the company name, and Google decided I’d be better off seeing the embedded video on the company site. So a small correction then to yesterday’s article, which should have read: “If you host the video on YouTube, Vimeo etc., it’s usually those sites which will appear in the search results, even if you’ve embedded their video on your site.” However, the main conclusion still stands that – in terms of SEO – embedding a YouTube video on your website probably doesn’t make much difference, either to your page or to the video on YouTube.