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The potential importance of ‘content hubs’

I often mention the advantages of intelligent, manually-added internal linking on websites. So your product pages will have links in the body copy to relevant data sheets and catalogues, and your case studies will have links to the products mentioned in them. For some subjects, however, a really useful exercise can be to create a page which we could call a ‘content hub’, bringing together everything your site holds for a particular type of product or technology.

This is not only helpful to readers, it might become a big hit with the search engines. It could also work as part of a project to fill out those often lightweight ‘category’ pages which sit between the home page and individual products. So your ‘widget’ page, instead of just being a list of all the pages on each individual colour widget, would also discuss any widget-related white papers, case studies, technology backgrounders and more.

Have a think about how this might work on your site. It could provide an ideal way of creating a content-rich page on an important search term that otherwise gets slightly sidelined.