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Quick Q&As for a quick SEO win

Some of the easiest-to-generate content to add to a product page – or even better, a product category listings page – is a list of questions and answers about the topic. These could include general technology questions, but also questions specific to your own company. Examples of the latter might include details about delivery, or the market sectors you cover, or a whole range of subjects. So instead of your page on ‘widgets’ just listing and linking to your pages on ‘blue widgets’, ‘red widgets’ and ‘yellow widgets’, add some background copy about the technology and your offerings (as we’ve discussed here in the past), and then add your list of questions and answers. Each need only be a paragraph of text, but as well as having huge SEO benefits, the Q&As can help get a message over which might otherwise have required a visit to a completely unrelated area of the website.