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GMail advertising: certainly worth a try

If you use GMail (and many millions of us do), you’ll be familiar with the fairly unobtrusive adverts which appear in your inbox. I think these are one of the neatest ad formats around; clearly marked as such, and usually of interest due to smart targeting. They might not be a high priority to most industrial advertisers, on the assumption that most people using GMail in business probably aren’t using the version with adverts. But as with any no-click, no-fee advertising, it can be worth testing.

GMail ads are placed through the usual Google Ads interface – you’ll find them under ‘Display Ads’. You can target inboxes using keywords, audiences (such as your own remarketing lists) and demographics such as age and gender. A tip I’ve read is to use competitors’ names as your keyword list.

The headline text should be devised to show in an inbox, and is limited in its character count. The key here is to think ’email’, rather than ‘advert’. Most of us now have some experience with writing effective email subject lines.

And that’s it really. Certainly worth a try if you have something newsworthy to say.