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Free book on B2B Revenue Growth

We all like free, and I just came across an interesting free book which you might like to read. Produced by US marketing consultancy Fusion Marketing Partners, The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook: Actionable Strategies to Make Your Business Soar is over 100 pages of discussion, ideas and tips on development strategies and tactics “to transform stagnant businesses into solid performers and solid performers into category winners”. While the book is aimed at those who are at a strategy-forming level in a business, there should also be something worthwhile in there for those who make things happen. The section discussing proven revenue growth strategies, for example, includes articles on “Stop Making It Hard for People to Buy”, “Six Ways Marketing Can Shrink the Sales Cycle” and “How to Get Your B2B Prospects to Buy Faster”. If those sound interesting, you should take a look. It’s available for instant download in exchange for your email address. More details here.