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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2019

Here’s the index of everything we published in January…

Which are my priority search terms to work on?
Let’s look at the search terms where we’re appearing in the Google results and see where we might get some possible wins.

Designing for increasingly human-like search engines
Watch a first-time user tackle your site, and you’ll get an idea of how a search engine in 2019 views it too.

Will you miss the links from that directory? Probably not.
If the directory is not making any impact in the search results, that’s probably because Google has written it off as an information source.

Google Forms vs SurveyMonkey overkill
Google Forms is a much better tool in simple situations than SurveyMonkey, allowing you to send the results straight into a spreadsheet.

Tips from Google on better SEO
The company may create the rules, but it also has to abide by them, so here are some of the things they recommend focusing on.

Why Smart Goals are a lot better than no measurement at all
‘Smart Goals’ is a measurement you can enable in Google Analytics which attempts to use machine learning to identify quality visitors.

Tracking the actual searches where your ad appeared
With your search advertising, one of the many things to keep on top of is the actual search terms which triggered the ads to show.

Are your enquiry forms still rubbish?
Website forms can be tested to destruction at a cost of precisely zero, so there’s no excuse for not doing it.

How to make a good interview video
Videos interviewing sales and technical experts at your company are a really cheap, easy to create marketing asset.

Don’t hide your content away by design
I guess the thinking behind hiding content is that certain data might only be of interest to a limited group of people.

Does an embedded YouTube video help SEO?
So you’ve made a video, and you want to include it on your website. Should you embed it from a third-party video site such as YouTube?

Should you run infographics offered by strangers?
Why not get your own version made? If it’s an article or an infographic, the cost and effort should be minimal, and the relevance higher.

People still search for old technology
If you’re punching above your weight in the search results with a particular search-and-page combination, be wary about removing that page.

The Art of Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building involves identifying links to pages on other sites which have since disappeared, then writing a replacement page.

Alms given openly will be rewarded in secret
Many of the practices suggested to help the visually impaired also assist machine intelligence in assessing your website

Where to get free images that are legal to use
There are a large number of online resources for anyone needing a photo but who can’t justify the fees charged by the stock image companies.

Yes, your site can show in Google results for YouTube videos
If you host a video on YouTube, it’s *usually* that which will appear in the search results, even if you’ve embedded the video on your site.

Free book on B2B Revenue Growth
I just came across an interesting free book which you might like to read by US marketing consultancy Fusion Marketing Partners.

GMail advertising: certainly worth a try
I think these are one of the neatest ad formats around; clearly marked as such, and usually of interest due to smart targeting.

The potential importance of ‘content hubs’
A type of page which could be an ideal way of creating a content-rich page on an important search term that otherwise gets slightly sidelined.

Learning from the SEO winners
What have the top results in your target Google results got that you haven’t? It’s worth finding out. Here’s a neat exercise that you can do.

Quick Q&As for a quick SEO win
Some of the easiest-to-generate content to add to a product category listings page is a list of questions and answers about the topic.