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You haven’t missed the boat with content marketing

Industrial marketing has always been very conservative, partially because the nature of the market doesn’t exactly force us to use bleeding-edge ideas. Just as importantly, we don’t have big budgets. So it shouldn’t be surprising that just as the consumer sector has got to the point where it treats ‘content marketing’ as part of the standard toolkit, here in the manufacturing sector we’re only just getting going with it. In the USA, which is always a bit ahead of us in these things, a recent survey showed that 46 percent of manufacturing companies are still in the ‘young/first steps’ phase.

Many companies are using content marketing techniques without realising it, or caring what the term means. Examples include creating case studies, opinion (thought leadership) pieces, white papers and extensive FAQs. As I see it, what makes these things ‘content marketing’ is if they’re part of a structured plan to create content, and if they primarily exist to explain, not promote.

The benefits of a proper content marketing strategy are now well proven, and for companies using techniques like those listed, much of the work is already in place. You might like to research it further.