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Skip the video interruptions and get a bargain

Recently I’ve noticed YouTube showing two adverts before a video, and also interrupting long videos in the middle to show an ad. As users, we shouldn’t complain – YouTube is a massive operation which needs to pay its way. I can’t imagine many of us have even thought about making video adverts, as the production budget requirements must be horrific, but I wouldn’t advise using them even if I had the money – there are better ways to advertise in business markets than interrupting people.

Indeed, YouTube itself offers an alternative. Inserting adverts in YouTube search results, linking to your videos, is easy and very effective. What’s more, if you want to seriously bump up the viewing figures for your unloved corporate video (for example), it’s unbeatable value. We have ads running for several industrial clients, popping up in all the relevant YouTube searches. Clicks are just pennies, and even if only 10% of responders actually go on to watch the video all the way through, we’re often buying views at under £1 a time, which is amazing. You can find out more about TrueView video discovery ads here.