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Only send out the really good stuff

One of the nice things about the way GMail puts different types of emails in different tabbed windows is that all of the sales and marketing ones appear on the same screen, and it’s hard not to start comparing them. Unless there’s a sensational subject line jumping out at me, I’ll probably decide which emails to open by skimming down the sender column. So why do I choose certain ones? It’s almost certainly because I remember them sending interesting emails in the past (possibly frequently and recently). But that’s cancelled out if I remember them sending boring ones too.

What do you think your prospects and customers think of the emails you’ve sent them in the past? Be honest. If you’ve been sending them trivial company news from your blog, the chances are they’re not going to associate your company name in the sender column as flagging up a message which will make their life better. You might like to relaunch with a different branding and a commitment to only send out the really good stuff.