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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2018

Our monthly listing of everything which has been in the blog in the last month…

Are Business Directories still relevant in 2018-19?
It’s that time of the year when many of our clients ask my opinion as to whether or not a certain directory subscription is worth it.

New website? Create a brief but make it brief
You’ll need a short brief to send to prospective suppliers, so they’re all quoting for the same thing. What should go in that document?

How do we improve Quality Score for a keyword?
Most companies who manage their own Google Ads search advertising neglect Quality Score because it’ll take up so much time. Big mistake.

How pay-per-click advertising has revolutionised the industry
I don’t suppose I need to convince many of the readers of this blog of the advantages of PPC search advertising.

Make sure you have an up-to-date Google My Business account
Any Google user can ‘suggest an edit’ to a business profile, so make sure you keep yours correct. And check back regularly.

Domain name registration: 1 year or forever?
If you want to help ensure you never lose your domain name, pay for a decent length of registration (e.g. 10 years).

In SEO as in so much else, size isn’t everything
If you’re trying to rank for something obscure, your competition may be negligible, so why would you need to write a lengthy paper?

Why did my advertising get more expensive in the autumn?
Pay-per-click advertisers who pause their campaigns in the summer probably don’t really understand pay-per-click advertising.

Enabling a persistent ‘Reader View’ on an iPhone
The Safari browser’s Reader View strips out the clutter on a web page and can be set up all websites which it can work with.

Has anyone copied your content online?
Google knows that bots go around the web and hoover up content to create their own sites. It’s good at detecting and ignoring these.

Why advertising your videos is great value
With YouTube “TrueView video discovery” clicks costing just pennies, you can get hundreds of extra views of a video each month for £1 a day.

How to create great content with how-to content
“How To” content takes a little bit of effort to set up, but it’s incredibly productive, helping existing users and attracting prospects.

Does a mention without a link still have SEO value?
The deluge of requests from PR folk for links from published work is an absolute chore for journalists. Is this ever likely to change?

Don’t forget the object in your subject lines
It’s not about the open rate overall, it’s about the open rate from the segment of the mailing list who might be interested in the offer.

What does your business look like on Google Maps?
If you’re a frequent user of Google Maps, you’ll have noticed some of the ways in which it goes beyond the remit of being an online atlas.

Link building the local way
Sometimes there are opportunities which are quite close to home. Think creatively and link building can actually be quite fun.

Time for an early Christmas present
Seth Godin has a new book out. I’m pretty certain that “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See” will be worth reading.

Why SEO should cost serious money
If you want results from SEO consultants, you’ll have to prise them away from clients where they can make a massive financial difference.

The daily grind of changes to Google Ads
To see how many changes we have to cope with, managing Google Ads campaigns, just take a look at the New Features & Announcements page.

Revealing the SEO secrets of websites
If you have SEO as a day-to-day responsibility (or just interest), one or more of these browser features and add-ons may prove fascinating.

They have your best interests at heart
If you use an SEO-focused PR agency who recommend commissioning work which seems increasingly expensive, they’re not trying to get more work.