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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2018

Here’s the index of everything we’ve published in December 2018…

Why you should set up some ‘audiences’ today
If you want to run a ‘remarketing’ advertising campaign through Google Ads (and everyone should!), you’ll need an ‘audience’ to advertise to.

When the description meta tag comes to our rescue
For a page without much content, the description meta tag will allow the search engines to understand what the page is about.

Should I bid on my competitors’ brand names?
The idea of your company’s advert appearing at the top of the page in the Google search results for a competitor’s name must seem attractive.

In search ranking, context is everything
In Google Search Console, we can see our ‘average position’ for specific searches, but we need to be careful when assessing and comparing.

Making a YouTube video ‘thumbnail’ that gets noticed
If you’re just using one of the random stills offered by the system as your thumbnail image, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Why we should chart the traffic that matters
I’d always recommend ignoring ‘All Traffic’ reports and charting the engaged visits from the geographical area you serve.

Descriptions: another way to make your videos work harder
A well-respected way of creating a good description is to write a ‘mini blog post’ – a couple of hundred words of useful information.

You haven’t missed the boat with content marketing
Many companies are using content marketing techniques without realising it, or caring what the term means.

Skip the video interruptions and get a bargain
Inserting adverts in YouTube search results, linking to your videos, is easy and very effective. What’s more, it’s unbeatable value.

Only send out the really good stuff
What do you think your prospects and customers think of the emails you’ve sent them in the past? Be honest.

How quickly are your benefits communicated?
I suspect the calculation we make is that if we haven’t found the answer in time, it might be easier to search elsewhere.

Analyse your website for best practices with Google
The search engine giant has created an easy-to-use system which I’m sure you’ll all want to try out. Give it a go; you might learn something.

Reveal those titles and tags at a glance
I’d recommend the free MozBar from We use the subscribers’ version, but there’s a version available for free Moz Community members.