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Descriptions: a way to make your videos work harder

One easy way of making your videos work harder is to work the ‘description’ hard. A well-respected way of creating a good description is to write a ‘mini blog post’ – a couple of hundred words of useful information might be your target. That’s the same length as this article. Remember, many people will read the description while watching the video, so teasing the conclusion to the video is a great idea. For example, if your video is describing a product, and ends with a bulleted list of financial benefits, the description could include something like: “the video will show six ways in which our blue widget can save you money”.

Naturally, the description should also include a call-to-action with a link to your website: I like to lead off with this, because the first line may be the only part of the description which shows without the viewer having to click “Show More”.

For SEO, list some good long tail search terms (including ‘How do I…?” type questions) and ensure you work these into your description. Check out how things appear in Google and YouTube searches, and don’t be afraid to re-work what you’ve done.