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Why SEO should cost serious money

I read a (true) story the other day about how an SEO consultant changed a simple, incorrect ‘canonical tag’ on a client’s website, and saw the page instantly appear at position 5 in a major Google search. The result was that it “now generates literally tens of millions of dollars in online revenue each and every month”. It’s that latter statement I want to bring to your attention here. This is the sort of thing which top SEO consultants can do for big companies, and it’s why they’re (rightly) so expensive to hire.

I’m not suggesting that the guy at your web design agency who said he’ll “keep an eye on your SEO” for £50 a week couldn’t possibly have that sort of impact. But if you want serious results from SEO consultants, you’re going to have to prise them away from clients where they can be making a massive financial difference. And that’s going to cost serious money. If you’re not in that league, you should be learning about SEO and doing it yourself. At that level, there are more cost-effective things to subcontract.